A Realtime Twitter Scraper for Windows, Mac, and Linux

A Free, Open Source, Twitter Scraper - Set Your Keywords, Build Your Dataset, Save to .csv

MyTwitterScraper is a free, powerful, tool to scrape twitter and build any dataset you need. Until now, your options to freely scrape Twitter have mostly consisted of trying your hand at one of the many tutorials on building a scraper with Python or Ruby. This is a huge frustration to someone who needs a data set while an event is currently happening. This would be a poor time to begin learning how to program. The alternative has typically been to pay for a custom data set, which is of course another barrier to data collection.
I built this app to solve both of these problems for the people who want free data sets without having to spend nights learning Python or pay and wait for someone to return what you hope is the correct data. MyTwitterScraper performs a single function - it collects the Twitter data you ask it to and downloads it to your computer when you are finished. Simply enter your keyword or keyphrase and MyTwitterScraper begins filtering the Twitter stream and returns tweets containing those terms. The program returns the relevant tweet, user name, time, and location - all in real time as they are tweeted. Memory overhead is kept to a minimum by keeping RAM allocation as low as possible as the dataset grows, which allows users to collect Twitter data over very extended periods of time. Once your data set is complete, all data is sent to a .csv file for your use!
Please note that you will have to secure and then enter your own Twitter API OAuth tokens before searching. This is required only once! The sourcecode is available here on my github page, and if you find my software useful, please leave a review on SourceForge! Thanks, and happy scraping!!!